Lawn Services

With services offered like lawn applications, tree fertilizing, core aeration and more—our certified applicators will help you improve your lawn and keep it that way!

We do not offer any mowing services.

Lawn Applications

We offer up to five applications in our lawn weed and feed programs. You can choose the number of applications that work best for you. At K&B, there is no telemarketing and no hard selling to constantly add services that you don't want. We'll work with you to set up the right program for your lawn and budget.

Core Aeration

Done once a year – spring or fall – aeration removes thousands of soil cores from your lawn, which melt back into turf when it rains. These holes allow oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate to the root zone.

Tree & Shrub Fertilizing

Done once a year – spring or fall – adds nutrients to nutrient-deficient urban soils and helps aerate the root system for healthier trees and shrubs.

Insecticide Treatments

During the growing season insects can damage turf. Preventative treatment is most effective, but if you notice brown patches, call us and we'll come out to diagnose the problem and treat as needed.

Lawn Rolling

Rolling, always done in the early spring, can help straighten out the bumps in your yard. We base the price off of the size of your lawn, just contact us to have someone stop by and measure your yard for a free estimate!


All of our estimates are free, contact us to have someone stop by and evaluate your lawn. They’ll recommend the best treatments and services to meet your individual needs.

Did you know?

Mow Tall

Mow three inches or higher. This will help your lawn hold moisture, crowd out weeds, and keeps it looking green and healthy.

Mow Often

Mow often and sharpen your mower blades—excess clippings and dull blades can make your lawn look dry and damaged.


A healthy lawn needs one inch of rain or water per week!

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I've been working with them for years. Great service and great people. Highly recommend them.
Lawrence Mersch
Beaver Dam
Personally I think they're the best. They took one of our trees down that was rotten and they never left a mark in the yard.
Robert Westover
Beaver Dam

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