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With other services like pest control, mulch delivery and pick up, snow removal (Beaver Dam only), holiday lighting and more—you’re a consultation away from having all of your outdoor troubles taken care of.

Home Pest Control

Asian lady bugs, box elder bugs, spiders, ants, lake flies, earwigs, bees, hornets—we’ll spray outside so the bugs don’t get inside! No contracts, as-needed visits, and great service.

Tree Insecticide Injections

Prevent the Emerald Ash Borer from affecting your ash trees, we’ll treat them every other year with a proven insecticide to ensure a healthy tree through the infestation. Also for other leaf feeding insects (like Japanese beetles), we offer an annual systemic injection that would kill whatever tries to feed on them.

Mulch Delivery & Pickup

Natural ground mulch, not treated. If you want to pick up a load of mulch, please give a little advance notice before stopping to ensure someone is available to load it for you.

Wood Delivered

Not split wood—approximately 1 ½ full cord loads.

Snow Removal

We clear sidewalks, driveways, parking lots—snow clearing and salting. Call us for a price quote, limited to Beaver Dam only.

Holiday Lighting

We’ll supply the materials, install and maintain them during the lighting season. At the end of the season, we’ll return to take them down and safely pack away your display.

Did you know?

Emerald Ash Borer

Trees infected with emerald ash borer are still worth treating if more than half the crown is still alive, and appears to be healthy with few signs of borer infestation.
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Apple Scab

Apple scab is a serious fungal disease of ornamental and fruit trees in the rose family. Scab lesions (brown, patchy areas) are often first noticed on leaves, where they commonly occur on the top of the leaf. The time to prevent it is in the early season before the tree blooms—call us for treatments, 2 – 3 sprays every spring.

Japanese Beetles

Try to resist the urge to use a trap bag/lure to kill the Japanese beetles on your property. It will release a pheromone to attract to your lawn—but it doesn’t guarantee that they’ll fly into the bag! If you haven’t been treating your trees as a preventative measure, call us and we can spray whatever it is the beetles are attacking.

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I've been working with them for years. Great service and great people. Highly recommend them.
Lawrence Mersch
Beaver Dam
Personally I think they're the best. They took one of our trees down that was rotten and they never left a mark in the yard.
Robert Westover
Beaver Dam

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